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    On this site you will find examples of the brands, products, reviews & case studies of David Eldenstierna. I will advance your position


    A slider featuring some of the brands I have both worked with and developed over the years.


    Some products that promote branding, creative work, selling, writing, public speaking and personal growth.

    What to expect

    A summary of what has been said about me, by my customers, workshop participants, and coaching clients.

    “David is a transformative leader, empathetic listener, and a creative catalyst for turning visions into reality. He is an expert with a unique combination of skills in psychology, graphical design, philosophy, personal development, and communication — leveraging his deep understanding of these areas to provide insightful guidance and innovative solutions. His empathetic listening skills and ability to deeply understand and resonate with his clients’ needs set him apart, enabling him to deliver solutions that enhances his clients businesses, and exceed their expectations.

    He has been called a ‘human library’, a ‘dream alchemist’, a ‘spellmaster’, and a ‘systems thinker’ — and when applying these qualities as a project manager, David is adept at coordinating complex projects and bringing aesthetic sensibility to his work, combining function and form in a harmonious balance. He excels at translating abstract visions into clear, practical, and appealing designs, demonstrating a meticulous attention to detail.

    Moreover, David’s profound understanding of human psychology and patterns of communication allows him to inspire courage in others, encouraging them to take on larger challenges and realize their dreams. He serves as a source of wisdom and motivation, sparking new perspectives and ideas. In every interaction, both his authenticity and passion shine through, establishing trust and building strong relationships. His pursuit of continuous learning, growth, and commitment to helping others grow are the driving forces behind his prowess and wisdom.

    In essence, David embodies the power of expertise through his extensive knowledge, insightful wisdom, creative genius, empathetic listening, and transformative guidance. He stands out as one who not only understands what needs to be done, but also inspires others to see the possibilities in themselves and their projects, bringing those possibilities into reality.”

    With David it feels like I have found someone with whom I want to continue collaborate with forever.

    By Sanna Björkebaum, Body Psychotherapist

    David was able to clarify my vision, pinpoint my business program and anchor my inspiration through a clear set step by step progression.

    By Daniel Müller, Wim Hof Method Workshop-leader

    David is very genuine in what he does and will without a doubt be a powerful catalyst for the growth of your project.

    By Pauli Saari, Meditation teacher, Purpose Guide Coach, Cognitive Neuroscientist

    David sees opportunities where others find excuses, chances where others see risks, and dares to believe that everything is possible.

    By Amanda McKee, Head of Consumer Market Insights at Unilever

    David's courses have been my life’s greatest catalyst for inner development and well-being.

    By Helga Wahlström, Teacher

    David's people skills and ability to listen are uncommonly developed, along with a deep grasp of psychology & communication.

    By Tim Olsson, CEO of Crowdpol, President of Syntropi Thinktank

    The community that arises on David's courses is amazing. I’ve been crying, laughing, and, above all, learning!

    By Staffan Arrhenius, Copywriter

    It’s like he creates magic at every workshop session — I have always left the lecture with an expanded and open heart.

    By Jeanette Carleson, NLP Transformative Coach

    I choose to work with David because he has competence, and if there’s something he does not know, he will still be able to find a way to solve it.

    By Anders Stenkrona, Personal Finance expert, Nordea

    Thank you David for a fantastic speech. You should become a speechwriter for our politicians.

    By Per Stenkrona, Licensed doctor, specialist in Psychiatry

    David belongs to the world’s elite within his field.

    By Joakim Karlsson, Chairman at SIPF – Swedish Sports Psychology Association

    David possesses a genius of creative talent and an impressive mind.

    By Håkan Palm, Communications strategist & Board member of Karolinska institutet, Mercedes, ICA and education manager SEB

    Case studies

    Detailed examinations over some of the projects, and their results, that I have been involved with over time.

    Contact me

    If you’d like assistance in advancing your position, whether it pertains to improving your brand appeal, enhancing sales capabilities, or effectively understanding and communicating your core values — send me a message, and we’ll schedule a meeting.
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