In 2009 I created my first blog and called it 'Brave New World' after Aldous Huxley's technocratic, dystopian novel from 1932. The themes of the articles on the blog ranged from reviews of literature, examinations of psychological experiments, reports on technological advancements and various personal philosophical musings. A while ago I was prompted to reboot this project with a new design and a more distinct narrative.
Image above, credit: Rolling Stone Magazine.
Just as in the original novel, the "hero" finds himself in the midst of a battle between order and chaos, in the context of a heavily controlled, futuristic society. As he is increasingly compelled to seek out the real nature of life on its more basic terms, he becomes somewhat of a savage, and through that pain, he is able to discover real meaning again.
This blog will comment on that same process of modern society. Who are we becoming with all the rapid advancements in technology? And how do we re-discover, and stay true to our original nature? See some of the design elements below.

The logotype is made with the font "Deadman", also used in the book and movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". It hints at the process of creating something elegant out of chaos.

I will add more graphics within short.
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