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    Ericsson, Career, Zopps, Tools, EriGames

    More graphics from this project will soon be posted. In the meantime, I’m sharing an overview of the details:

    During my time as Art Director at Light Years Integral Communications from 1998 to 2000, our principal client was Ericsson Global. I was involved in several of Ericssons global web community projects. We undertook several initiatives aimed at fostering a global community amongst Ericssons employees, notable among which were projects like ‘Ericsson Inside’, ‘Ericsson Career’, and ‘Ericsson Zopps’.

    Ericsson ZOPPS was an internet community structure aimed at enhancing employee interaction across the world at Ericsson Global. Zoops was the name of the website mascot, a white tooth-like cartoonish quirky figure. Every weak new articles were published on different themes promoting Ericson culture new and job opportunities. I designed and illustrated cartoon like illustrations with the Zopps mascot in different adventure-like scenarios, pertaining to the theme of the article written.

    In addition to corporate projects, Ericsson frequently hosted events for its customers and partners. I was entrusted with the responsibility of designing many of the event invitations. A significant portion of these designs were inspired by physical pop-up themes, reminiscent of the style found in a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy.

    I also conceptualized and designed a game titled ‘Elevator’. Set within an Ericsson office building, the gameplay centered on an employee navigating through various floors via an elevator, venturing into different rooms, and pursuing positions within the Ericsson organizational structure. The visual design was rendered in 2D pixel graphics, evocative of the Nintendo Super Mario series. However, while it retained a playful essence, the aesthetic was distinctly tailored to reflect Ericsson’s corporate identity.

    Another game I designed for for Ericsson DMN was a blue colored 80’s retro inspired javascript game called KNOX, inspired by the classic “Breakout” arcade simulation. In Breakout, players control a paddle that moves horizontally, and they try to bounce a ball off of it to hit and break blocks located at the top of the screen. As players break these blocks, the ball comes back down, and they must continue to hit it with the paddle to keep it in play. The goal was to clear all the blocks without letting the ball pass the paddle and reach the bottom of the screen.

    Ericsson is a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm, known for offering services, software, and infrastructure in information and communications technology for telecommunications operators.