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    The Renaissance Game of Self Development


    Becoming all that you can be

    ”The Courtier” is a 1528 book written by Baldassare Castiglione. It is a handbook, in dialogue form, that discuss the qualities of the ideal courtier, including attributes like wit, charm, sportsmanship, and a deep knowledge of the arts; polymath’s and renaissance men who were interesting enough to entertain Kings and Queens at court.

    The book was one of the most widely read works in the 16th and 17th centuries and played a large role in shaping the Renaissance’s understanding of the ideal gentleman or lady. In the beginning of the book, a certain game is proposed:

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    Quote from The Courtier:
    “Whoso will carefully consider all our actions, will ever find various defects in them; the reason whereof is that nature, variable in this as in other things, has given to one man the light of reason in one thing, to another man in another thing; and so it happens that, the one knowing what the other does not know and being ignorant of what the other understands, each readily perceives his neighbour’s fault and not his own, and we all seem to ourselves very wise and perhaps most of all in that wherein we most are foolish. Therefore I would that this evening our game might be a discussion upon this subject, and that each one tell with what kind of folly, and about what thing, he thinks I should make a fool of myself if I had to make a fool of myself openly, judging of this outburst by the sparks of folly that are daily seen to issue from me. Let the same be told of all the rest, keeping to the order of our games, and let each one try to found his opinion upon some actual sign and argument. And thus we shall each derive from our game the advantage of learning our defects, and so shall be better able to guard against them; and if the vein of folly that is discovered proves so rich that it seems incurable, we will assist it, and according to frau Mariano’s teaching, we shall have saved a soul, which will be no small gain.”

    In the excerpt above, the speaker suggests a game that involves self-reflection and a open discussion about each other’s flaws or ”follies”. People excel in different areas, but there are things that we don’t know, that we don’t know. Because of this, we often notice the mistakes of others more easily than our own. And even when we’re dead wrong about something, we might still think we’re right or knowledgeable.

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