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    Bravepeople Boost Workshop


    (15 customer reviews)

    Be reminded of your higher nature

    Is it time to upgrade your life? To experience the magic of accessing your innate genius of limitless potential? To activate the highest level of who you really are? — a dimension from where “true perfection” flows into everyday reality.

    I welcome you to a unique workshop that will provide you with deep insights on the possibilities of the Self, create loving humanity from within, and strengthen you to become the absolute best person you can be. Prepare to be enriched through rediscovering the creative expression of who you really are.

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    Join a catalyst community
    One of the most potent catalysts for personal growth and transformation lies in the people we surround ourselves with — our communities. It’s proved that substantive and positive change in individuals rarely occur in isolation. Instead, they manifest when we make the conscious decision to integrate ourselves into new, supportive and inspiring groups.

    We assist you in designing a powerful relationship between yourself and the world around you. Through the deep connection that arises from true authentic relating, we create a social platform infused with the function of collaborative meaning making. When you become meaningful to others, your deepest meaning of life will get amplified.

    Memories from the future
    Our minds are intricate webs of programmed responses, formed through years of ingrained patterns. These ‘programs’ dictate how well we respond to the influence of our environment. However, not all of these automatic responses serve us well; some are limiting, even detrimental. We call it ‘bad programming’.

    Our method for creating ‘Memories in the future’ opens up the space between stimulus and response and invite both intelligent, and inspired meaning to all areas of life. Thus we empower you with the capacity of ‘self-programming’ — creating new, inspired and guiding images of the future that you believe in, strengthening your power for both personal and professional freedom.

    Unleach the dream
    Combining the power of your original expression, our reinforcing catalyst community, and the method of generating strong and beautiful memories in the future – we set the structure for a new, deeply meaningful life where you can start to share what is of highest value to you, and the people around you. We will provide you with all the tools, and systems that you need in order to “cash in on your passion”, monetize your idea and to make your vision profitable. Your personal experiences and unique voice has a much higher value to the world than you are aware of right now.

    Welcome to a life-changing workshop!

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    15 reviews for Bravepeople Boost Workshop

    1. Christian Bjerring, Musician

      I spontaneously feel that this workshop is something that everybody should experience. The exercise put’s you in touch with you empathic self, and without comparing, discriminating or analyzing you start to “feel” what others keep within themselves. No one leaves untouched. Waking up with sour cheeks from smiling too much is a good sign. Perfected is the word! Thank you David and all the other stars!

    2. Jeanette Carleson, Coach

      This evening is, wow, there are no words. The energy, presence, openness, and love crafted in this room is so beautiful, so unusual. Keeping space for each other and listening with our whole hearts really took us to our essence. We are high, all of us now. I just want to dance, hug, be, and share this energy further. I am convinced that this will spread further! I am extremely grateful and moved right now to meet all these beautiful brothers and sisters. Again we are reminded that we are all, and want the same thing; love, respect, and presence to us all. Thank you!

    3. Pauli Saari, Meditation Teacher, Purpose guide Coach, Cognitive Neuroscientist

      When a person allows themselves to be who they are, something incredibly beautiful happens. This became very clear during the workshop, that is, everyone carries the ability to ‘shine’, because you could really see it on the faces of all the participants afterwards. And perhaps that is what ‘introduction to your soul’ is all about, that what is true within us is made visible to the outside world.

    4. Sabina Tabakovic, Photographer

      Thank you for this completely magical experience, the only word I can utter is Wow!

    5. Daniel Ek, Psychologist

      A wave of love ..  

    6. Mikael Söderström, Yoga teacher

      I realized, or suddenly experienced that I was God, and that everyone around me also was God. We were all gathered. It was like all the eyes in the universe were there and saw everything.

    7. Jessica Kujanpää, Performer

      Inspirational! Educational! Captivating!

    8. Johan Halldén, Programmer

      This workshop helped us develop genuine humanity from within and meet naturally. It’s enriching just to think about it, and it makes me experience a strong desire for creative expression now.

    9. Sanna Hedenberg, Sociology student

      Extremely interesting and rewarding! The Workshop Leader get 11 points out of 10 possible.

    10. Marie Bejstam, Facilitator of cultural events

      Glorious! Great that ‘ordinary’ people can get access to conversation keys that make you grow.

    11. Frida Östlund, Sales consultant

      Amazingly fun and inspiring! A feast for the soul that could have lasted forever.

    12. Linn Linderson, Musician

      Thank you for this day! Immense ideas, overwhelming energies, insights about the self and my perception about others.. Let’s do this!

    13. Löfberg Elja Emilia, Musician

      Unbelievable relaxing to wake up and come home through the guidance of these simple concepts and exercises. The magic is real!

    14. Nicola Poulos, Designer

      Transformational, opening. I felt a deep sense of understanding and connection. A feeling of non-duality. A reminder that this human experience is shared and that community and exchange is vital, necessary and healing.

    15. Claire Hope, Yoga teacher

      Enlightening, deeply reflective. Heartwarming, supported by the world, insightful, rewarding, worthwhile for community development & collaborative projects. Well thought out and facilitated.

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