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    Bravepeople Inner World Course


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    Join a catalyst community

    One of the most potent catalysts for personal growth and transformation lies in the people we surround ourselves with — our communities. It’s proved that substantive and positive change in individuals rarely occur in isolation. Instead, they manifest when we make the conscious decision to integrate ourselves into new, supportive and inspiring groups.

    We assist you in designing a powerful relationship between yourself and the world around you. Through the deep connection that arises from true authentic relating, we create a social platform infused with the function of collaborative meaning making. When you become meaningful to others, your deepest meaning of life will get amplified.

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    Learn how to re-write your life script
    In order to master deeply our lives, there are specific 10 dimensions we continually need to address and interact with — focusing on the first five in the inner world course, and the second five in the outer world course. We employ the method for creating ‘Memories in the future’ to open up the space between stimulus and response and invite both intelligent, and inspired meaning to all these 10 areas of life. Thus we empower you with the capacity of ‘self-programming’ — creating new, inspired and guiding images of the future that you believe in, along with giving you the methods, exercises and assignments that will strengthen both your power, personal and professional freedom. The following statements summarize of the content and aim of the first five workshops in the Bravepeople Workshop System:

    Workshop 1: An inexhaustible source of energy
    A vision can be explained as a vivid picture of your long-term goals. The light that comes from a crystal clear vision can, like the sun, guide every step and decision you make to reach your inspiring future. Businesses and individuals who want to realize their inherent potential need to continuously work on keeping their vision alive, impactful and clear. If a clear vision is lacking, the business may fail. A well-written statement for a vision should be short, simple and inspiring. It should directly communicate a visual image of what you want to achieve, and the approach that shows how you plan to make it happen. A well-crafted vision will inspire your team, motivate you to work hard, and keep you focused.

    Workshop 2: Your gift to the world
    The first thing that is required for your vision to not remain just a dream, is a step-by-step plan that describes and supports each part of the transformation from idea to reality. This plan should overview and summarize all the specific actions you need to complete, the resources you need to procure, as well as both the time frame and deadline that establishes when each step must be completed. The aim is to break the plan down into manageable parts, which will make it easier for you to manage and regularly review your process. A solid step-by-step plan will strengthen your focus, keep you motivated and constantly move you forward towards the realization of your vision.

    Workshop 3: The role you play in the life of others
    The second thing that is required to keep your vision alive is a strong support team with whom you can draw strength, bounce ideas and be constantly reminded of your most important values and goals. This is necessary in order to be able to move forward in the world both in the long term and effectively. A team can include family, relatives, friends, mentors, advisors, managers, co-workers or employees. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who believe in the same vision as you, understand the value you bring to the world and the purpose of your business — and are also willing to commit to your success. A live support team will keep you motivated, provide you with insightful feedback, and provide you with valuable guidance.

    Workshop 4: Symbolic actions
    A value-creating act provides an experience of the unique benefits that you offer your customers. Trust is established when you can easily and simply show how you solve a pressing problem for your customer. Actions like these clarify your unique values, as well as how the customer’s reality will change when they hire you. Understanding why you are valuable to others, and exemplifying that over and over to the outside world, is critical to creating the bonds of trust that lead to desirable value exchanges. Your value-creating actions must be based on what your customers want, need, value, and what solves your customers’ problems.

    Workshop 5: The perfect day
    A successful business is based on discipline and structure. You need to value your time highly and only invest it in the actions that can turn your vision into reality. When you strive to create “perfect days” you need a model and a schedule to work from. A good daily plan includes morning routines, planning time, networking, implementation of value-creating actions, check-in with the support team, and evening routine. A well thought out schedule for an ideal day will keep you focused, motivated and productive. It will also help you balance work and personal life.

    Welcome to participate in a life-changing five week course!

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    4 reviews for Bravepeople Inner World Course

    1. Jeanette Carleson, Nlp transformative coach

      I have just finished the Inner world-course, but it feels like I have just started it. So much has been awakened, processed, and cultivated. This course was one of the most beautiful, touching, and strongest journeys I have ever made. I love the simplicity joined with the incredibly profound effect the techniques produce. From getting in touch with your inmost beautiful place to facing your nightmare, to bringing them out and working through this dynamic in your closest relationships. It’s like starting a new life. Not just a new page, but a new book! When we let go of the old story of who we are and meet the world from who we are, everything suddenly becomes easier, softer, and more fun! 

      David is extremely professional and knowledgeable as a coach. You will notice that he has ”IT”. His empathic ability is brilliant. He feels, recognizes, highlights, and supports the group in the most optimal ways. It’s like he creates magic at every workshop session. It does not matter if I have been low, tired, or in between — I have always left the facility with an expanded and open heart. I’ve been equally surprised every time. The support you receive from the others on the adventure is key. As a Life-coach, I have tried all sorts of courses and techniques within personal development, but this one is clearly at the top. It’s innovative and transformative. The journey has just begun. Thank you David for everything!”

    2. Helga Wahlström

      These courses have been my life’s greatest catalyst for inner development and well-being. The strong energy I have experienced and the tools I have received during the workshops together with the other course participants have opened so many doors in both my own heart and in the hearts of others. The feeling of being a part of something bigger has been extra strong during the course sessions. It has taken me on an inner journey and I feel that my self-image has got an enormous Boost. I now have a greater understanding of my own value and how valuable all other people are. When this course came as an opportunity, I was ready to receive all it had to give, and the results were outstanding. Thank you!

    3. Staffan arrhenius, copywriter

      David’s courses are something very special. I recommend them 100% for those who want to understand more about what drives them through life and who wants to fill their existence with more meaning and a sense of greater context. The community that arises within the group is amazing. I’ve been crying, laughing and above all, learning! In part about how I personally function, and in part how you through a group can access that inner piece of you that is shared with everyone, and meet there. From that shared space, everybody in the group were able to find their own, unique expression of a meaningful and happy life. If you want to connect with your inner will, fill your life with purpose and experience moments of unconditional love and fellowship, then David’s courses are definitely for you.

    4. Linn Linderson, Musician

      I got an incredible amount of life wisdom and power from these workshops, still crucial for my quality of life today.

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