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    Bravepeople Outer World Course


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    Unleach the dream

    Combining the power of your original expression, our reinforcing catalyst community, and the method of generating strong and beautiful memories in the future – we set the structure for a new, deeply meaningful life where you can start to share what is of highest value to you, and the people around you.

    We will provide you with all the tools, and systems that you need in order to “cash in on your passion”, monetize your idea and to make your vision profitable. Your personal experiences and unique voice has a much higher value to the world than you are aware of right now.

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    Cash in on your passion
    In order to master deeply our lives, there are specific 10 dimensions we continually need to address and interact with — focusing on the first five in the inner world course, and the second five in the outer world course. We employ the method for creating ‘Memories in the future’ to open up the space between stimulus and response and invite both intelligent, and inspired meaning to all these 10 areas of life. Thus we empower you with the capacity of ‘self-programming’ — creating new, inspired and guiding images of the future that you believe in, along with giving you the methods, exercises and assignments that will strengthen both your power, personal and professional freedom. The following statements summarize of the content and aim of the second five workshops in the Bravepeople Workshop System:

    Workshop 6: Winged words
    Your unique selling point is what makes you stand out when compared to your competition. It is the main reason why your customers choose you over other suppliers. It could be the quality that you convey, your willingness to serve, your unique price or other aspects that set you apart from your competitors. Understanding why you are unique, and communicating that in the right way, is the key that unlocks your entire system.

    Workshop 7: Enchanting images
    Visual representations are powerful tools for communicating your visions, unique selling points and offers. Visual representations mean logos, photographs, illustrations, videos and any other content that graphically tells about the gift you give to the world. Professional, engaging and memorable representations allow your clients to buy into the vision you convey. The visual representations showcase the future that your customer is being offered to buy. Therefore, they should reflect the brand, communicate your message, and resonate deeply with your customers’ needs.

    Workshop 8: Important friends
    Partnerships are alliances that mutually increase survivability, both short-term and long-term. Establishing thoughtful partnerships with individuals, companies, movements, organizations and sponsors is an effective, and often necessary, way to grow your business. The right partnership gives you access to new parts of the market, provides you with the necessary resources and valuable expertise. They can also increase your credibility and your visibility. Creating strong relationships with the right partners takes both time and effort, but the benefits that carefully planned partnerships bring you are invaluable.

    Workshop 9: Unforgettable experiences
    Your offer is the specific products and or services that you offer to your customers. Understanding your clients’ needs and tailoring your offerings to meet those needs is a key approach to success. Your offers are based on your unique selling point combined with your value-creating actions and must be clearly communicated to your customers.

    Workshop 10: Overwhelming proof
    Benchmarking or benchmarking is a process by which you systematically compare your results with several other benchmarks that may in different ways represent the realization of your vision. This will help you highlight the dimensions that you yourself need to balance, improve and refine — as well as identify the areas where you are already over-delivering. Benchmarking also assists you in keeping up to date with your industry’s trends and most used methods.

    Welcome to participate in a life-changing five week course!

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    3 reviews for Bravepeople Outer World Course

    1. Meditation teAcher, Purpose guide Coach, Cognitive Neuroscientist

      ”If you want to realize your vision, David is the right person to aquire help from. I’ve seen David assist numerous people, including myself, in bringing their idea into reality. David has a deep understanding of the human psyche, as well as the patterns of communication that make people act in certain ways. He is very genuine in what he does and will without a doubt become a powerful catalyst for the growth of your project.” 

    2. Tim Olsson, CEO of Crowdpol, President of Syntropi Thinktank

      “David worked with me on two projects, Syntropi, a Swedish NGO, and in designing Crowdpol, a pro-social platform for changemakers. His responsibilities were both that of a project manager coordinating the activities of the team and also an Art Director in charge of design and communication. He performed these tasks with great prowess and exceptional dedication. In fact, neither project would have moved forward very rapidly without him and it is unlikely that they would have taken on the very clear and easy to use shape they now have without his guidance in the design, attention to detail and valuable insight in general. I found David to be exceptionally talented at grasping an at times quite abstract vision and boiling it down to a set of clear and useful features but also managing to link these together into a functioning whole in line with the original vision. His people skills and ability to listen are uncommonly developed in my experience, along with a deep understanding of human psychology and communication, both on the individual and group level.”

    3. Daniel Müller, Wim Hof Method Workshop-leader

      ”David, with his simple yet effective methods, was able to clarify my vision, pinpoint my business program and anchor my inspiration through a clear set step by step progression. This really helped me bring my dream into reality and to understand several crucial processes that are needed to provide the basis for success. Combined with his expertise and charming character I am more than glad to be working with him in the future!”

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