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    Speaking assignment

    “Thank you David for a fantastic speech. You should become a speechwriter for our politicians.”

    — Per Stenkrona, Licensed doctor, specialist in Psychiatry


    “David belongs to the world’s elite within his field.”

    — Joakim Karlsson, Chairman at SIPF – Swedish Sports Psychology Association

    Various assignments

    ”David possesses a genius of creative talent and an impressive mind.”

    — Håkan Palm, Communications strategist and Board member of Karolinska institutet, Mercedes, ICA & education manager at SEB

    Online Course Development

    “I choose to work with David because he has competence, and if there’s something he does not know, he will still be able to find a way to solve it. He is solution-oriented, and I know that he won’t give up until it’s done. That is very important to me. Because I don’t know the solution, and I want an end result, and he will find a way to get there. I always trust that he will. So that’s one thing, then he has a sense of design, and I think that’s important. He sees too it that it looks nice. That it is not just a technical solution. He has an aesthetic sense. He is fun to talk to. Personal chemistry works. And that’s pretty important. That’s why I employ him. He is easy to come back to. He has solved problems for me before, and it has worked well. I have not had to come up with any detailed instructions. I have just said: ”I kind of want this”, and David has just fixed it.”

    — Anders Stenkrona, Personal Finance expert, Nordea

    Product, brand & website development

    “I choose to work repeatedly with David because I feel incredibly heard and seen and deeply understood, and from there he can formulate, clarify and package what he has heard and seen in me. This is a really great thing and means a lot; the responsiveness. And all his texts that are like “making out” with every single word. He has the ability to formulate himself so fantastically in both text and in images, based on the “essence” that he has heard and seen in me. It’s the perfect combination — because I’ve tried several copywriters who I think can write, and they’re good, but I don’t feel one bit heard or seen or included in their process. They’re doing their thing and it doesn’t resonate with me. Then there are some who hear and see a lot, but then they have no quality in what can be done. So he really manages to bring these both opposites together. Both the larger “spiritual” perspective, and making it to something concrete. He truly has a gift! I feel he is passionate and centered in what he does. I know that he’s really there and listening with presence and heart — and he thinks it’s fun too, which means a lot! He spurs one on, and with genuine interest he fishes out more of those deepest and ideas and visions that might be quite vulnerable to share with someone. In that way he is fantastic to talk to, because he is so open and receptive, and purely, curiously and innocently asking questions that make he want to open up, expand and tell more. It supports the creative process in itself, and makes you believe in yourself! Out of these really deep ideas he finds in me, he creates something concrete and practically possible, and makes them anchored in form and something visually tangible. His is amazing at what he does. I have enjoyed the collaboration very much. It feels like I have found someone with whom I want to continue collaborating forever.”

    — Sanna Björkebaum, Body Psychotherapist


    “After talking to David, I always feel that I have received a new insight or epiphany. Whether it’s on relationships, self-development, business plans or philosophical thoughts, I leave the discussion with a stronger motivation, deeper understanding and alot of new ideas and perspectives. Thanks to the many books and theories he has studied, he always manages to recommend something that I can read about the subject that helps and stimulates me even more. It feels like his brain is a human library filled with the best of psychology, philosophy, personal development and relationship theories. He has the ability to listen, understand in depth, and analyze the problem. Instead of throwing out a response or forcing a solution, he helps you to gain the insights and knowledge needed to understand and come up with the solution in your own way, which is incredibly important as they both strengthen your own self-esteem and broadens your own perspective. In simple ways he applies his own conversational perspective to the lives of others. David gives the people around him a sense of courage to accomplish larger things than they dare to challenge themselves with, and to take steps they would otherwise not dare to take. He seems to have a natural instinct for wanting to help every person who comes in his way. His genuine concern and interest in the individual shines through, whether in his professional role or just as a fellow human being. David discovers opportunities where others find excuses, sees chances where others see risks, and he dares to believe that everything is possible; that you can change not only yourself, but the world we live in. His driving force and motivation seems to consist in helping others reach their goals and to develop, and in this way he manages to change the world, one step at a time, and that is great!”

    — Amanda McKee, Head of Consumer Market Insights at Unilever

    Workshop series

    ”Davids courses have been my life’s greatest catalyst for inner development and well-being. The strong energy I have experienced and the tools I have received during the workshops together with the other course participants have opened so many doors in both my own heart and in the hearts of others. The feeling of being a part of something bigger has been extra strong during the course sessions. It has taken me on an inner journey and I feel that my self-image has got an enormous Boost. I now have a greater understanding of my own value and how valuable all other people are. When this course came as an opportunity, I was ready to receive all it had to give, and the results were outstanding. Thank you!”

    — Helga Wahlström, Teacher

    Workshop series

    “David’s courses are something very special. I recommend them 100% for those who want to understand more about what drives them through life and who wants to fill their existence with more meaning and a sense of greater context. The community that arises within the group is amazing. I’ve been crying, laughing and above all, learning! In part about how I personally function, and in part how you through a group can access that inner piece of you that is shared with everyone, and meet there. From that shared space, everybody in the group were able to find their own, unique expression of a meaningful and happy life. If you want to connect with your inner will, fill your life with purpose and experience moments of unconditional love and fellowship, then David’s courses are definitely for you.”

    — Staffan Arrhenius, Copywriter

    Product, brand & website development

    “David worked with me on two projects, Syntropi, a Swedish NGO, and in designing Crowdpol, a pro-social platform for changemakers. His responsibilities were both that of a project manager coordinating the activities of the team and also an Art Director in charge of design and communication. He performed these tasks with great prowess and exceptional dedication. In fact, neither project would have moved forward very rapidly without him and it is unlikely that they would have taken on the very clear and easy to use shape they now have without his guidance in the design, attention to detail and valuable insight in general. I found David to be exceptionally talented at grasping an at times quite abstract vision and boiling it down to a set of clear and useful features but also managing to link these together into a functioning whole in line with the original vision. His people skills and ability to listen are uncommonly developed in my experience, along with a deep understanding of human psychology and communication, both on the individual and group level.”

    — Tim Olsson, CEO of Crowdpol, President of Syntropi Thinktank

    Product, brand & website development

    ”If you want to realize your vision, David is the right person to aquire help from. I’ve seen David assist numerous people, including myself, in bringing their idea into reality. David has a deep understanding of the human psyche, as well as the patterns of communication that make people act in certain ways. He is very genuine in what he does and will without a doubt become a powerful catalyst for the growth of your project.”

    — Pauli Saari, Meditation teacher, Purpose Guide Coach, Cognitive Neuroscientist

    Product, brand & website development

    ”David, with his simple yet effective methods, was able to clarify my vision, pinpoint my business program and anchor my inspiration through a clear set step by step progression. This really helped me bring my dream into reality and to understand several crucial processes that are needed to provide the basis for success. Combined with his expertise and charming character I am more than glad to be working with him in the future!”

    — Daniel Müller, Wim Hof Method Workshop-leader

    Workshop series

    “I have just finished the Inner world-course, but it feels like I have just started it. So much has been awakened, processed, and cultivated. This course was one of the most beautiful, touching, and strongest journeys I have ever made. I love the simplicity joined with the incredibly profound effect the techniques produce. From getting in touch with your inmost beautiful place to facing your nightmare, to bringing them out and working through this dynamic in your closest relationships. It’s like starting a new life. Not just a new page, but a new book! When we let go of the old story of who we are and meet the world from who we are, everything suddenly becomes easier, softer, and more fun! David is extremely professional and knowledgeable as a coach. You will notice that he has ”IT”. His empathic ability is brilliant. He feels, recognizes, highlights, and supports the group in the most optimal ways. It’s like he creates magic at every workshop session. It does not matter if I have been low, tired, or in between — I have always left the facility with an expanded and open heart. I’ve been equally surprised every time. The support you receive from the others on the adventure is key. As a Life-coach, I have tried all sorts of courses and techniques within personal development, but this one is clearly at the top. It’s innovative and transformative. The journey has just begun. Thank you David for everything!”

    — Jeanette Carleson, NLP Transformative Coach